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Let's Imagine Traxbeat
09 Jul 2023 3 min read

While we are still on Beta Phase 2 and focused on inviting artists from all over the world, we believe it’s time to reveal more about our major service which is our music rating system and ranked charts. For those who have participated on Traxbeat Beta Phase 1 and for those who are new, the platform is fully based on a blind rating process where every uploaded track goes through for approximately 30 days depending on the genre of the track and the amount of users participating in our beta.

So what is it all about? Why should you trust Traxbeat as a music platform to share your music releases and demos to participate on our release and demo charts?

The answer relies on a unique blind rating system and the ranked charts. Our music rating system can provide several advantages over download or streaming charts. We would like to share a few reasons why you should join our platform and participate by uploading your music:


1. Objective Evaluation: Our music rating system focuses solely on the quality of the music itself, devoid of any bias or influence that may arise from factors like popularity, marketing, or artist reputation. Listeners judge the music based on its merits alone, leading to a more objective evaluation of its artistic value.


2. Discovery of Underrated Music: Download and streaming charts tend to favor already popular artists and songs, as they often accumulate more downloads and streams due to their existing fan bases or extensive marketing campaigns. However, this approach may overshadow talented artists who haven't received the same level of exposure. A blind rating system allows lesser-known musicians to have a fair chance of being discovered and appreciated purely for their musical talent.


3. Diverse Music Selection: Charts based on downloads or streaming numbers often prioritize mainstream or commercial music that appeals to a broader audience. While these songs may be popular, they might not necessarily represent the full spectrum of musical creativity and diversity. Our rating system encourages the inclusion of a wider range of genres, styles, and artists, providing listeners with a more eclectic selection to explore.


4. Encouraging Artistic Innovation: By focusing on the musical content itself, our rating system promotes innovation and experimentation. Artists may be more inclined to take creative risks and explore new sounds without worrying excessively about how their music will fare on the charts. This can lead to the emergence of fresh and original compositions that push the boundaries of existing genres.


5. Inclusive Listener Participation: Traxbeat aims to involve a diverse group of listeners, including music enthusiasts, industry professionals, and ordinary fans. This inclusivity allows for a broader range of perspectives and tastes to influence the rating process, making it a more democratic and representative system that reflects the preferences of a diverse audience.

As a music platform, Traxbeat aims to minimize external influences and focus on the inherent musical quality, providing an alternative perspective to the dominance of download or streaming charts in the near future. To see all our available music charts from our beta runs you can have a look on our https://www.traxbeat.com/charts